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Here's the Game Plan For Stuart Speedway for April 19th, 2023

INFORMATION FROM @KarlChevrolet Stuart International Speedway 4/18/23 at about 1:40pm


The temperatures look to be perfect. We are currently wet enough now that we can't handle no more rain. We have 2 bands of rain that looks to be coming. Wednesday at 2am and Wednesday around 10pm with lots of rain coming with the 2nd band. If we get hit overnight we will cancel since we can't handle it. If we don't get hit we will evaluate when the cold front is coming thru that is bringing a significant amount of rain. If we think it's 10 or after we will get the night in and get everyone out of there. If it's any earlier we will save everyone the headache and not get everyone wet. As we all know pulling out of Stuart in the rain don't work very well. We aren't going to put ourselves in that situation when we know it's going to pour when the front hits us.

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